Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Costco Packaging


I recently worked on a project for a Costco test sale. It includes a gift box for a handbag, hang tag and a pallet skirt. As this is a high-end product with a corresponding price tag, we needed a sleek box that matches the quality of the handbag.The box is sturdy, wrapped in black paper with gold foil lettering.

As well, we liked the idea of the box being not only a display piece for the handbag, but also a gift box for the upcoming holiday season. This is why is has an open display for the customer to see, touch and open the bag, with a lid to use as a gift box. A small hangtag shows off the interior features of the bag. The pallet skirt grabs your attention in the busy warehouse setting with a striking lifestyle image.

The box is selling now in select stores around the country!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Recent Links

A quick roundup of links I’ve found interesting:

Incredible installations. New Shadow Sculptures Built from Discarded Wood. via colossal

Even without a baby, I found the before/after shots of this living room very inspiring. baby proofing your stylish living room.

Creature Cups on etsy: A clever way to drink your coffee and tea - with a small ceramic friend in your cup! These would make great gifts. via colossal

I find brand guidelines to be incredibly interesting to read through. Here David Airey has compiled quite a list: Brand identity style guides.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Last weekend I tried out Humble Potato, in Westchester. A relatively new restaurant, it provides a Japanese twist on casual American favorites like hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. I tried the Katsu Sando, which has buttermilk panko-crusted fried chicken, yuzu-jalapeƱo slaw and tonkatsu sauce. My husband tried the Yakiniku Sando: fresh Rib-Eye beef with homemade Yakiniku marinade, grilled onion, scallion, shichimi red pepper on a garlic-butter roll. We enjoyed it quite a bit, and I couldn’t help but remark on the strong branding.

Gift box I helped design (contains handbag) coming soon to select Costco stores! Very excited! Full writeup coming soon. pic.twitter.com/D8Ov8MKQ

My life for the past few weeks has been dominated by preparing for a major change: I’m starting a freelance graphic design career. I’ll still be working my current full time job, but the plan right now is to work on projects in my spare time. So what have I been doing? I’ve created a new logo. I’m revamping my website from the ground up. I’m compiling contacts. I’m being social on places like Twitter that I never thought I’d get into. I’m making business cards. I’m trying to build up my brand. It’s been a lot of hard work, but I’m excited. Will this work? Who knows? Whatever happens I’m proud of the progress I’ve made - this means a lot to me and I’m doing everything I can to do it right. I’m not nearly ready yet, but the plan is for completion in early December, then a hard push after the holidays. I’ll be putting the word out there “officially” (probably through email) once I have everything in place. Wish me luck.

Monday, October 1, 2012

WIP Fruit Tarts (4)

I was able to work on this fruit tarts drawing again a couple weeks ago - I added in the rest of the crust, finished up the fruit in the background, and added detail to the wooden surface. I would like to continue to refine it, but the impatient side of me wants to work on something new! I don't think I've ever worked on one piece as long as I have this one (which is mostly due to the fact I'll do 1 hour every few weeks). 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Fruit Tarts (3)

Made some more progress today during lunch! I probably shouldn't make a post every time I have a chance to work on it but I'm having too much fun. I'm purposely working around the tart crusts, they are giving me trouble. I'm also wondering how to properly create the blurry portions - procreate has a blur tool but I'm hesitant to blur directly on the drawing in case I change my mind about it later. I'll have to learn how to copy layers.